Could I test the typefaces before purchasing?
Of course! Trial versions of all our fonts are available to download for free. If you need a more complete testing, we also offer the Only-designers® licence from €9 for the full family, full character set and all font file formats.

I have used your typefaces in a project, can I share it with you?
Yes, please. We love to see our typefaces in use. Tag us on Instagram or email us.

How many devices can I install the fonts on?
Easy: you can install the font in all devices you need. All our licences permit you to install the Fonts on any number of devices within the licensee organisation.

Can I use your fonts in my portfolio?
If you have purchased our Only-designers® licence, feel free to use our fonts in your offline portfolio (not in web). On the other hand, Trial fonts cannot be used for any commercial job, portfolios either.

Can I use your fonts to design a logo?
Of course! A logo is a commercial wordmark so you would need a commercial licence (All-inclusive® Licence). You would not need a full family, just purchase the style you need.

Can I modify Arillatype’s fonts?
Sorry, but you cannot. You must not modify, adapt, translate, reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to discover the source code. This includes you must not create derivative works of the fonts or engage any third party to do so.

What licenses do you offer?
We have two main licensing types: All-inclusive® (commercial, for companies) and Only-designers® (non-commercial, for design studios). The All-inclusive® licence covers every device, every use, every font file format, third-parties use, perpetual duration... Everything! The licence price is based on the number of the licensee’s employees. The Only-designers® licence is exclusive for designers, studios, agencies… For an ultra reduced price you get the full fonts on every font file format for your presentations and pitches.

What kind of uses permits the All-inclusive® licence?
The All-inclusive® licence includes every use: unlimited internal use (desktop, web, app, broadcast...); unlimited external use (third-parties, contractors, agencies...); multiple font file formats for use across all media; use worldwide & perpetual duration. More details in the EULA.

Who is the owner (licensee) of the All-inclusive® licence (commercial)?
The holder of the licence is the organisation commissioning the work, not the agency or designer in charge of the design work.

If you are an agency or a designer, you will only need a commercial licence (All-inclusive®) if you are working on your behalf, for example, designing your own identity.

Who must purchase the licence? The licensee or the agency / designer?
If you are an agency or a designer, you can buy the licence on behalf of your client and, during the checkout process, you can identify the licensee. If you wish, you could prepare the Cart, and then share the link to the cart with your client for them to checkout. If the licence is for you, of course, you can buy it on your behalf.

I am not the licensee but I need to use your fonts for my client, what can I do?
That is not a problem! If your client is the licensee, talk to your client. Our All-inclusive® licence permits to share copies of the fonts with a third party (entity, design agency, studio, or any other provider). It is important to remember that the third party only can use the font on behalf of the licensee.

Do I need an All-inclusive® licence (commercial licence) to send proposals to my client?
No, you don’t need a commercial licence for proposals. You could use our Only-desingers® licence or the free trial fonts for pitches, competitions, presentations within your company or client’s presentations.

I am a designer or an agency, what kind of licence do I need?
Arillatype.Studio® offers two options for you as a designer or as an agency. You can purchase an Only-designers® licence (full versions, all font file formats) or you could download the free trials (limited versions, .otf files). In both cases, the fonts can be used for self-initiated, personal projects, preview and evaluation purposes, pitches and competitions, presentations within your company or client’s presentations to demonstrate the potential use of the fonts.

If you are an agency or a designer, you only will need a commercial licence (All-inclusive®) if you are working on your behalf, for example, designing your own identity.

What do personal or self-initiated projects mean?
It means that you can use the fonts for non-commercial nature stuff. For example (but not limited to): personal offline portfolio, self-initiated non-commercial projects or personal social media.

How long do licences last?
Good news: forever! Our licence system is a one-off fee. There are no recurring payments. You pay the licence cost when you purchase the font and that's it. You got the rights to use it whenever you want.

As a holder of a licence, is the font mine?
No, sorry. When you purchase an Arillatype’s font, you are acquiring the rights to use the font according to the licence. The copyright lies with its original designer.

How does the licence cost work?
We have simplified the commercial licensing system, we only have one: All-inclusive®. The cost of our All-inclusive® licence is based just on one variable: the size of the entity licensee. Thus, you no longer need to know the number of devices on which the font will be installed and you do not need to worry about where and how you are using the fonts.

What does the concept of company size mean?
This concept means the total amount of staff within the company including temporary staff. Not only those workers that will use the font but all the staff, from the top to the bottom of the organization.

If the company has multiple offices, you should select the number of employees working for the company across all offices.

I already have a licence, do I need to update it if the size of my company increases?
The increase in the size of our clients is great news, congratulations! In terms of licensing, if you stated the correct size company when the licence was purchased, it remains valid despite the changes in your company. It is not necessary to upgrade the licence or buy another one.

Do you offer discounts for ONG, nonprofits, charities?
We are very committed to nonprofits. Please, get in contact with us via [email protected]. We have special deals for your organisation.

We are an educational institution, do you offer discounts for us?
We take education very seriously all over the world. Please, contact us via [email protected] and we will try to fit your needs.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments via credit card powered by Stripe. If you need other payment method, please contact us via [email protected]

What currency do you accept?
Since we are based in Spain, all our prices are in Euros (EUR).

Can I buy your fonts elsewhere?
No, sorry. Our fonts are exclusively available for licensing on our website.

Can I get a refund for my purchase?
No, sorry. Unfortunately we do not refund for software purchases.

What file formats do you provide?
For All-inclusive® and Only-designers® licences: all our typefaces are provided in OpenType Font format (.otf), Web Open Font Format (.woff, .woff2) and Variable Font technology (.ttf, .woff, .woff2). For the free trial fonts: all our typefaces are provided in OpenType Font format (.otf).

Do you offer variable fonts?
Yes, all our typefaces are variable ready. If you buy full font families, you will get the variable fonts for no extra charge.

Do you offer any kind of technical support?
All our fonts are optimised for all kinds of uses, so everything will work properly in most devices and software. However, if you have any issues, please contact us via [email protected] and we will try to help you.

Could I ask for a modification in one of your fonts?
Of course! Get in contact with us via [email protected] and tell us what you need. We can modify a few characters and features in order to tailor one of our typefaces for your brand.

Do you do font extensions or design other scripts?
Absolutely, we can expand any of our typefaces with more weights, styles, subfamilies and writing systems (Arabic, Hebrew, Cryrillic, Thai…). If you need something in particular, do not hesitate to contact us and share your needs via [email protected]

Could I commision a custom typeface?
Naturally! Get in contact with us via [email protected] and tell us what you need. We can design a bespoke and exclusive typeface for your company in order to suit all your needs.

How much does a bespoke typeface cost?
In order to answer this question, we would need to know more about the project you have in mind, the styles and scripts you need, and what kind of design you are thinking about. Please, email us to [email protected]

Do you offer discounts for students?
If you are a student, we created the Only-designer® licence for you. Full versions for a super reduced price. Perfect for your academic projects and your portfolio.

Can I do an internship in your studio?
Sorry, we are not currently doing any internships. But we might consider it in the future and we do love to know new people. Feel free to send us your portfolio via [email protected]

Do you have any open positions?
Sorry, we are not currently recruiting for any positions. But we do love to know new people and expand our network of collaborators. Feel free to send us your portfolio via [email protected]

Can I publish my typeface with Arillatype.Studio®?
We love to collaborate with other designers and add diversity to our font library. If you have a typeface — either in early-stage or completely finished, we can help you with the production and distribution. Please, send us a PDF via [email protected] and let’s have a chat.

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